What’s In The Bag, Tuesday, May 29

The weather seems to know lately when to hold off on the rain and when to give us a little shower. A swift fly-by pour passed through our farm yesterday afternoon, but not until all the sweaty work was completed by our AMAZING team at the work party (see previous post).¬† And despite a few light showers overnight, we greeted the morning with a golden sun at her side so that we could harvest all the goodies for our Tuesday flock’s CSA bags. Looks like we’ll experience more rain before the week is over…

We’re approaching the tail end of our Spring CSA Session! Can you believe it? Don’t forget to register for the Summer Session so that you can continue to support your local farmers, the earth, and your health. Summer Session begins June 16 through August 7 (dates may vary depending on your pick up day; visit our CSA page for details).

New and curious our CSA? Contact us with questions and we’ll get you started!

What’s In The Bag:
* Baby Beets
* Squash and Zucchini medley
* Pickling Cucumbers
* Chard
* Kale
* Broccoli
* Fennel

The Baby Beets are various marble sizes – perfect for roasting in the oven! Fennel is also great roasted in the oven or grilled. Chop off the green tops of the fennel and slice the bulb in half vertically. To oven roast, place in a glass dish, drizzle a little olive oil and salt, and bake at 375 until tender. Over a flame on a grill, lightly rub the fennel with olive oil and cook until tender and slightly charred.

Bon Appetit!

Memorial Day Work Party!

Granite Springs Farm had a last-minute work party and accomplished a great deal of work that could not have happened at all or as swiftly without the assistance of many hands. Over 30 individuals showed up including CSA members, friends, even traveling family from Ohio! The morning ended with a bountiful potluck and lingering socializing on the front porch.

In addition to many many tasks in the field checked off the list (putting us much less behind schedule than before), we also covered the hoop house in plastic!

The “Spud Squad” joyfully completed the laborious task of “hilling” several hundred feet of potatoes.

Members of our CSA thinned the tiny marble-sized beets so that the remaining beets have plenty of breathing room to grow. CSA members: look out for these in your bags!

We were able to get the plastic on the hoophouse by tying it around tennis balls attached to ropes and gently tugging.





The hoophouse is almost complete!

Thanks again to everyone that helped make the day such a great success!

What’s In The Bag, Tuesday, May 22

Oooh diggity! You know its summer when the Peas are plump and swingin’ on the vine!

Not much tops the excitement around here than biting into the subtly sweet crunch of a Sugarsnap or Snow Pea. In today’s CSA bags for our Tuesday flock, we’re offering BOTH! (**note: the sugarsnap¬† peas are in an open bag; the snow peas are tied with a red twistie)

Also in the bag:
* Baby Zucchini and Yellow Squash
* Kohlrabi
* Salad mix
* Beet Greens
* Broccoli
* Spinach
* Sugarsnap Peas
* Snow Peas

With the arrival of the peas as well as the baby squash, we recommend tossing both in a stir-fry. You can even add some of the broccoli, beet greens, and spinach!

The kohlrabi is large enough to shred and make into a well-portioned slaw. Many folks have told us they loved trying kohlrabi slaw. Experiment for yourself and share your results! How did you make it? What did you add?

Finally, see the post below for a recipe for Spinach and Beet Green Wilted Salad.

Bon Appetit!