See you at the market!

Despite the break from the CSA sessions, we are keeping ourselves plenty busy harvesting for the farmers’ markets and preparing for the fall. The butternut squashes are looking great and due to be picked from the field soon (albeit early, of course). The greenhouse is loaded with seedlings of kale, spinach, chard, and lettuces slated to be planted into the ground within the next couple of weeks. More and more seeds continue! And with slightly cooler weather outside, it’s hard not to get excited about fall.

In the meantime, we still have quite a bit to offer at the farmers’ markets for our old and new friends alike. You can stop by the Chapel Hill Farmers Market today (3-6pm) and find Meredith with a very colorful display of produce:

Eggplant (asian and globe), peppers (from sweet bell to firey poblanos), slicing tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, lettuce heads, cilantro, basil, okra, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, garlic AND eggs!

If you cannot join Meredith today, you can find her again on Saturday (8-1) at the Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market in Pittsboro.

See you there!

What’s In The Bag, Tuesday, August 7

A steadily slow, rainy day seems an appropriate way to wrap up the summer CSA session. We’re all looking forward to a slightly slower pace for the next few weeks and more time to prepare for the fall CSA (which begins at the very end of September).

Just as the Saturday and Sunday peeps’ final bags, Tuesday bags will be well stocked with potatoes and a nice offering of basil and garlic. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to make a pesto and potato dish (see below). You’ll also find an early Golden Pepper, which are just beginning to come in and show its brilliant color.

For CSA members and non-members alike, remember you can still get all your farm fresh groceries while waiting for the fall CSA to begin. Join us at the farmers’ markets Tuesdays at the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market 3pm-6pm and Saturdays at the Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market 8am-1pm (except for this Saturday; we will be absent).

What’s In The Bag:
* Potatoes
* Basil
* Garlic
* Okra
* Early golden pepper
* Eggplant
* Cherry tomatoes

Pesto and Potatoes
* Dice potatoes into 1-2 inch chucks and boil
* Once potatoes are soft, run cold water through and put aside
* Either add the following to your food processor, or thinly chop for a less creamy texture: 1-3 cloves of garlic (depending on your liking), a generous portion of basil, pinch of salt, 1 ts oil, 1 Ts lemon juice
* Add pesto mixture to cooled potatoes and mix well
* Get creative! What else can you add for more flavor? Sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, toasted walnuts or sunflower seeds…. or add mayonnaise to produce a potato pesto salad

Bon Appetit!