Granite Springs Open Farm Workday/Playday

The weekend weather is looking beautiful, which is great because this Saturday, June 1st all are invited to Granite Springs Farm for a fun workday and potluck party! We’ll get started with farm tasks at 3 pm and plan to start the Potluck at 6 pm. Bring work gloves, a water bottle and your favorite weeding tools. We’ve got a small construction project happening, weeding, mulching and compost projects and whatever else we figure out needs doing. Make a simple dish to share at the potluck, if you are able, but if you can’t, come anyway. There’s always plenty to eat here for everyone. If folks hang around (and we hope you do) after supper, we’ll do hayrides (adults and kids) and  have a bonfire. So, if you are musically inclined, bring your instruments. If you think you might want to stay the night, toss a tent and sleeping bag into your car. We’ll  get Ray and PJ to fix a delicious breakfast for everyone on Sunday. Oh, we love dogs, but please leave yours at home because they scare our chickens.

Spud Squad So, if you have questions, shoot us an email


Hope you can join us, cause we’re going to have a blast and it won’t be as fun without YOU!

They’re Baaaack…Mushrooms!

photo-14After a bit of a delay, presumably due to the colder than normal weather in April, we have mushrooms! I took this picture in our Hoop House this morning and you can see we have quite a few bags that are beginning to produce. This is good news because it means we’ll have plenty of delicious Oyster Mushrooms this week for our Thursday and Saturday Farmers’ Markets in Pittsboro. There are bags in our Green House that are also beginning to produce, so the restaurants who have been waiting for these tasty morsels won’t have much longer to wait. Of course our CSA members will find mushrooms in their bags soon, too. And speaking of the CSA, it’s time to send in your payments for the Summer Session. If you aren’t in our CSA, but would like to be, there are a few spaces available. Check out our CSA Page for more details!