Front Porch Music Sunday, August 31st

This Sunday, August 31st our Front Porch Music Series continues with Daniel Chambo. The evening begins with a potluck at 6:30 pm on the porch, with the concert beginning at 8 pm. For this show, we’ve decided to have the concert portion ¬†indoors for better acoustics. Bring a dish to share, your favorite beverage and a friend or two. Suggested donation is $20, but all are welcome regardless of monetary offering! Here is more from Daniel:

“Come Experience of an evening of far ranging and deeply inspired musical wonders with me, Daniel Chambo, local musician, opener of doors, and weaver of love. I play wooden and bamboo flute (Bansuri), saxophone, my own voice, and harmonium, and have spent the last 20 years playfully studying and performing music ranging from western classical, to Jazz, to Indian classical (hindustani), to traditional Celtic and ancient European. During this intimate solo concert, I will weave the threads of these rich traditions together to create a vibrant tonal tapestry specifically tailored to you, the audience, through a combination of traditional melodies, original compositions, and improvisation. As my music is always an invitation to experience the wonders within your own heart, I will encourage you to experience the music in whatever way is best for you, whether sitting, dancing, lying down, or singing along. And at the deliciously beautiful Granite Spring Farm House, there will be room for all that, and more!”

Events and Info:

Movie Night Saturday, August 23rd

When we originally scheduled Wanderlust¬†for our movie night on August 23rd, we had not yet previewed it ourselves. We’ve since had a chance to watch it, and briefly considered canceling the viewing, or changing to another movie. But, we’ve decided to go ahead and show the movie with some warnings…

This movie has graphic sexual content, both visually and in the language. One of the scenes actually had us squirming and groaning at how uncomfortable it was to watch. We were more embarrassed for the actor saying the lines, than for ourselves. If you come to watch it with us, you’ll know what we mean when we say this. Definitely NOT for kids or those who may be offended by language and sexual content. BUT, the movie IS hilarious! This is a spoof on life in an intentional community, and they do a great job making fun of us. So, there may be some moments of squirming and awkwardness, but there will also be lots of laughing! It’s been a bit buggy outside lately, so we’ll be showing this inside. We’ll gather at 7:30 and start the film at 8 pm. Bring snacks to share if you wish and BYOB. We’ll pop the popcorn!