CSA Enrollment Time Again!

lettuces in field with dew

I know we’ve been busy when I finally sit down at the computer and go to our blog on the website and realize I haven’t been here in almost 4 months! We do manage to get out farm updates from time to time on social media–Facebook, and very occasionally on Twitter (@GSFPBO) and Instagram. Make sure you’ve subscribed to those. But there never seems to be time to sit and write about the farm, which I would love to do. Rather than kick myself around about that, I think I’ll just add it to our “off-season” (Ha!) list of to-dos…

For now we need to send out a reminder that it’s time to enroll in our Fall Session of the CSA which will begin the last week of September/first week of October. We have a few spots open for new folks, and we need our returning folks to claim their spots in the flock. This helps us with planning and ensures all who want to be fed from our farm will be fed! There are so many delicious things in store for the Fall session. Please join us! Details here.