Why Choose Granite Springs Farm?

There are many wonderful farms in our area and we encourage you to support them.

Serving the Community

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Each year CSA shares are reserved for families with limited financial resources. Our CSA members and friends join us in sponsoring shares for those families. We donate extra produce to our local food bank, CORA. Throughout the year we give tours to various school groups, clubs, civic organizations and youth groups.



Our produce is ALWAYS grown without the use of any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.We believe building healthy soils for our plants will produce nutritionally superior vegetables, full of vitamins and minerals.  Produce grown this way not only tastes better, but is better for you and the planet. We nurture the life in our soils by giving it compost and vermicompost made by our well fed worms. We feed our soils special compost teas and farm made “potions” that we make to boost the microbial life in the soil. We grow cover crops for fertility, mulch, and and soil conservation. We conduct vegetable variety trials and are learning seed saving techniques to preserve and improve favorite varieties. This is becoming increasingly important due climate change. We grow crops year around in our high tunnels and our outdoor field plots. We practice reduced, thoughtful tillage and seek to continually improve our practices.

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