Memorial Day Work Party!

Granite Springs Farm had a last-minute work party and accomplished a great deal of work that could not have happened at all or as swiftly without the assistance of many hands. Over 30 individuals showed up including CSA members, friends, even traveling family from Ohio! The morning ended with a bountiful potluck and lingering socializing on the front porch.

In addition to many many tasks in the field checked off the list (putting us much less behind schedule than before), we also covered the hoop house in plastic!

The “Spud Squad” joyfully completed the laborious task of “hilling” several hundred feet of potatoes.

Members of our CSA thinned the tiny marble-sized beets so that the remaining beets have plenty of breathing room to grow. CSA members: look out for these in your bags!

We were able to get the plastic on the hoophouse by tying it around tennis balls attached to ropes and gently tugging.





The hoophouse is almost complete!

Thanks again to everyone that helped make the day such a great success!

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