What’s In The Bag, Sat/Sun July 14/15

As we mentioned in last week’s post, some of our summer harvests have begun trickling in and are now gaining momentum. Some of the bounties we had to divide last week are now offering more abundance and your bags, weekend CSA peeps, will reflect this. We always feel excitement about new harvests because, of course, we feel it is our duty to try them all and experiment with each flavor within the kitchen.

This weekend everyone will be receiving some variety of tomatoes. Let us help you identify what you will receive:

The light pink (possibly still slightly green on top) tomato is called “mortgage lifter” and probably doing the best to ward of pests.

If you receive a greenish red (almost a hue of purple) tomato, you have received an heirloom purple cherokee. They are quite tender and delicate but very delicious!

The amish paste tomatoes are smaller and have a long, narrow shape with a teardrop at the end. This is our hardiest variety, the best for cooking with.

The yellow variety is also quite tender but yummy, named summer yellow.

We also have yellow mini’s (small yellow cherry tomatoes) that pop in your mouth like candy, and tomato berries – they have the shape of a strawberry! – that pack a punch of flavor. Until we are harvesting enough to offer the cherry tomatoes to everyone, we have packed them into the bags of families with children so that the lil’uns can have fun with their food.

We look forward to sharing all the varieties with each of you as the season progresses!

What’s In The Bag:
Everyone will receive:
* French filet green beans
* Kennebec potatoes
* Purple and yellow onions
* Basil
* Eggplant
* Tomatoes

Sunday Regular shares will also receive:
* Grand Rapids lettuce (from the hoophouse!)

Bon Appetit!

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