House Concert at Granite Springs Farm

tintype_400-240x3001Tonight at 7 pm, Granite Springs will host Glenn Sheffield and Gabe Kelley  for an evening of their original acoustic music. We’ll provide coffee and snacks and you are welcome to bring beverages and/or a munchy treat to share. Since we are inside in a more intimate space, this gathering is for adults or older kids who would enjoy sitting for some music. Hope you can join us!

Here are a few more details from Glenn:

“I’m excited to announce a house concert featuring myself (Glenn Sheffield) and my good friend Gabriel Kelley.
We are going to be playing at 266 Granite Springs Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312, the home of new friends of mine, Meredith and Ray.
We will start near 7 in the evening on the 30th of November and play for a couple of hours, with a break in between sets if the moment calls for that.
For those of you that are new to our music, Gabe is playing and working full time as a musician and as such has a wonderful website where you can learn and listen to get a feel for what he and his music are about. Please check it out.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that such talent is coming to a warm, inviting, intimate country home, just outside of Pittsboro, NC
As for me, in my younger days I lived on the road for 7 years, both on a motorcycle and out of a truck, traveling the U.S. and a little in India, writing songs and living only for each day, and going wherever the music and Spirit would lead me.  In my second trip to India I realized that to stay in my heart with the music I needed to do this, not as a living, but as a service.  For that reason, I’m currently working on recording my music to be able to offer it to the world as a give-away, in the tradition of the Lakota people whose way of life and ceremonies have become a part of me.  I plan to record and make the songs available on a donation-basis on the internet, to have a perpetual fund-raising source for the Lakota who live in crushing poverty on reservations in South Dakota.
There isn’t a fixed cost to come to the show, but we’d hope for a donation of $10 to $20 based on your ability to give.  If you have no money and want to come, everyone is still welcome.
We’ll be playing music we’ve written ourselves that comes from the heart, hope you can join us there”.
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