What’s In The Bag, Tuesday, July 24

Farming sure keeps life full of surprises. As stated in a previous blog, the best laid plans are no contest to Mother Nature if she so calls for something different. Although we planted cantaloupe and watermelon in successions so as to have them ripen at different times throughout a period of several weeks, they have all recently ripened in synchronicity and all early.

So we roll with it! We’ve been pulling all the melons out of the ground and getting them into the CSA bags and in the hands of market shoppers as quickly as possible. The least pretty ones get eaten in our household and those that cannot be saved are fed to the chickens.

We recommend you cut your melons open sooner rather than later. The cantaloupe continue to ripen off the vine and the watermelons are ready to go.

Without a doubt, farming provides practice in receiving the unexpected with grace and humility and doing the best you can to turn it into a gift. Enjoy your melons, CSA peeps 🙂

What’s In The Bag:
* Watermelon
* Cantaloupe
* Okra
* Eggplant
* Tomatoes
* Cilantro
* Basil

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