What’s In The Bag, Sat/Sun Oct 20/21

Last week we had a glorious morning with scythe and broadfork blacksmith, Larry Cooper, who taught us how to use the tools and spoke poetically about our sacred connection to the land. We finished the morning with a nourishing lunch (collards from the farm and black beans) and enormous appreciation for our work and the future of Granite Springs Farm.

Next year Larry will be teaching classes on the proper use of the Austrian Scythe at Granite Springs Farm. Stay tuned!

What’s In The Bag:
* Red Kuri Squash – a rich, creamy squash; great for soups, pies, or simply roasted with a little butter, honey, and cinnamon
* Collards – a hearty portion; Kim K has been calling them “elephant ears”!
* Turniplets – don’t forget the greens are edible too
* Pac Choy – great both raw and cooked; the stems are great scoops for your favorite dip
* Beets – we harvested all of our beets from the hoophouse to make room for more spinach. Everyone will receive an equal ration of the harvest.
* Parsley – it’s ALWAYS tabouli season! Or how about a parsley pesto?
* Rotation of Oyster Mushrooms – 10 Regular shares with last names Abbott through McLamb will receive oyster mushrooms this week. We will continue through the list until everyone has had an opportunity to experience our mushrooms!

Did you catch Granite Springs Farm mentioned in the recent Indy Week article about Oakleaf? Our mushrooms got “glammed up” for the event. Check it out!

We hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous fall weekend!

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