What’s In The Bag, Tuesday, Oct 30

Many thanks to all our farm and CSA friends for joining us this weekend at our Autumn work party and potluck. With the help of many, we were able to gather all the sweet potatoes out of the ground, harvest all the remaining sweet and hot peppers (look out CSA peeps!), thin the carrots, put up plastic siding on the hoop house and chop a LOT of wood that will warm our home this winter.

An especially sweet moment occurred when about eight volunteers set up a “bucket-brigade” assembly line to move the chopped wood to a pile near the house. What pleasure it is to witness a laborious, time-consuming task take place in just minutes by a line of joyful friends!

Before the wind, rain, and chill hit our farm, we were able to save some of the last peppers that turned color on the vine. We also saved many many green peppers. Today’s Tuesday peeps and our other CSA peeps in the future will see these appear in their bags. They will store well for a while and also freeze well for use throughout the winter. We prefer chopping them up fresh, bagging them into small proportions (what you would want for one dish), and throwing them into the freezer. No need to cook or blanch!

What’s In The Bag:
* Broccoli Florets: from our first beds that have survived a battle with a groundhog as well as extreme heat and cold. This last chill should offer a bit of sweetness to them.
* Pac Choy: A different variety than before, grown in the hoop house
* Sweet Peppers: The last of our colored sweet peppers as well as a few green bell peppers
* Sweet Potatoes: these will store well if you keep them in a dry, cool place. A basement, garage or floor-level cupboard works well.
* Lettuce: sweet, crispy lettuce heads are still loving their home in the hoop house

Bon Appetit!

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