A New Year With a New Partnership!

We’re gearing up for an exciting season at Granite Springs Farm! We’re happy to announce a partnership for the coming year with Ches and Laura Stewart of Iron FIron Fish Logoish Farms. Ches and Laura spent their first Chatham County season last year farming at Ayrshire Farm while also working off-farm at other (farm-related) full time jobs! They’ve loaded up their stuff and their chickens and have moved into the house at Granite Springs. Well, their chickens have moved into a coop but…
Ches and Laura will continue their off-farm jobs and will combine forces with us at Granite Springs to grow lots of delicious produce. Laura also makes wonderful goat’s milk soaps and cremes and other goodies, and Ches has lots of animal production experience. You may have met them last year at Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market. If not, I’m looking forward to everyone getting to meet them; this year is going to be filled with new opportunities!
With the new year comes an expanded CSA with more events and potlucks and workday opportunities. We’re working on the schedule now and will have that info for you soon. We’ve posted the CSA enrollment info on the website and encourage you to go ahead and print the form and send it in as soon as possible, but definitely¬†before March 1st. New this year, we’ve added a drop-off/pick-up at Chapel in the Pines (PCUSA) in northern Chatham County. We’re excited about this other new partnership and looking forward to new folks joining our “flock”! It’s going to be a great year!
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