Workday Update, Again

Update Friday March 21st:

Well, Sunday the 23rd is looking pretty wet, so we’re getting the potatoes in the ground tomorrow–Saturday the 22nd. If anyone has their heart set on farm work this weekend, then come on out anytime after 1 pm tomorrow and we’ll put you to work. (Prior to that, our regular crew will busy with other tasks). Otherwise, our next regularly scheduled workday (with a potluck) will be Sunday April 13th at 2 pm. Let’s hope for dry weather so that can happen!


From Saturday, March 15th:

The weather for tomorrow looks, well, wet! So we’ll be inside cutting up the seed potatoes in preparation for planting them NEXT SUNDAY, MARCH 23rd. Anyone who still wants to come to the farm tomorrow to help with the potato prep, please join us beginning at 2 pm. It’ll be a bit low-key, but we’ll still prep the taters and then have a potluck at 5 pm, and Katie is still offering yoga after the potluck. The “real” as in outside, farm workday is now scheduled for next Sunday from 2 till 6, when the forecast is 81 degrees and sunny!

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