Upcoming Community Events

Monday, July 16 6:30-8pm
Monthly Community Meeting
Please attend our ongoing third Monday meetings surrounding the formation of the Granite Springs Farm intentional community. You do not have to commit to every month; you are welcome to join us with simple curiosity! However, we encourage you to read more about the community before attending.

This month we will be offering an update on our exploration into the costs for building the community and the estimates for joining members. We will also share the process for becoming a member of GSF.  And we want to hear from you! What do you envision for an agrarian community? What needs, dreams, desires do you have in order to live in community?

** Both events above and below will be located at 266 Granite Springs, Pittsboro, NC

Sunday, July 22 7:00pm
“Visions of Utopia” Documentary screening
Join us for a viewing of the documentary “Visions of Utopia,” a glimpse at how communities across the country are creating ways to sustainably cooperate through intentional community living and hear stories from 7 communities about their trials and triumphs.

The film will be insightful and provocative, whether you are familiar with intentional community, considering joining GSF, or completely new to the concept.

For further questions about either event or if you would like to join the email list for updates on community events and meetings, email at community@granitespringsfarm.com

Granite Update: News that Rocks!

The Spring CSA is now complete with a week break before the Summer CSA begins June 16. But that doesn’t slow us down! New plantings, abundant harvests, and projects poppin’ up left and right, Granite Springs Farm always has plenty going on.

Monday, June  18
GSF will be hosting an informational gathering and walk-about
to share our vision for an agrarian, residential community developing on the property of Granite Springs Farm. Please visit “The Community” page and join us Monday, June 18 at 6:30pm. We are located at 266 Granite Springs, 6 miles north of Pittsboro, NC off of highway 87.

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What’s In The Bag, Tuesday, June 5

Many hands make light work here at Granite Springs Farm.

The amount of activity in the mornings on the farm immediately enlivens our home and community space, and at the end of the day we feel inspired by the amount of work we have achieved.

By the time Taylor, our college-bound farm hand, enters the GSF house at 8am, she has already opened the egg mobiles, fed all of the chickens, and gathered their eggs – accumulating nearly 4 dozen each morning!

Our CCCC intern, Shari, also arrives at 8am with abundant knowledge from her classes and colorful stories to share of her many experiences.

The GSF resident/housemate, Kim, picked up a “wwoofer“, Beth, this morning from Blue Heron Farm who graciously helped harvest spinach and clean and crate several dozen eggs.

As we wrapped up this morning’s work, Jennie arrived just in time for a group lunch and is now planting sunflowers and finishing up the last few details of the hoop house.

Meredith is on her way to the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market to share the bounty we harvested, including our Tuesday flock’s CSA bags!

What to expect in the bags:
* Purple Cabbage
* Squash and Zucchini medley
* Pickling Cucumbers
* Spinach
* Fennel
* Elephant Garlic!

The Elephant Garlic is still “green,” meaning it is very fresh and full of flavor. If you wish to cure the garlic first, tie a gentle rope around the top of the neck and hang in a well-ventilated place until the outer layers are dry and brittle. However, you do not have to cure the garlic at all! It is ready to eat anytime. Last evening we threw some fresh garlic cloves into a vegetable roast, which gave our dish a very aromatic and flavorful punch.

Bon Appetit!